Our nutritional paths


Tolerance recovery

Have you done the NatrixLab Food Intolerance Test and found you are intolerant to one or more foods?

The food protocols to recover intolerance are paths to desensitise the organism, acting on…



Do you want to lose weight but are frightened of the sacrifice involved?

Obviously Telenutrizione cannot make you lose weight without altering your eating habits, but it can do a great deal to teach you to eat better and, above all, to consider your food protocol as a journey…


Antioxidant and anti-aging

We have no choice about getting old, but we can decide how: in fact there is a great deal we can do in the eternal fight of our organism against free radicals.

Nutrition is fundamental, and while food supplements can help, it is extremely important…


Prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders

There are several disorders that are more or less directly related to our eating habits and lifestyle in Western society: hypercholesteromia, hypertriglyceremia, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, liver…


Sports performance

Each sport, no matter which level you practice, requires a specific balance of macronutrients: the work done in training is supported and completed by your diet.

With Telenutrizione your diet can become an integrative part of your training, and you can begin a path addressed to improving your performance and to finding…


Hormonal imbalance

During our life our organism passes through various physiological and/or pathological phases that affect our normal hormonal balance, for example women during pregnancy or the menopause, or very stressful periods.

Diet plays a fundamental role in providing…


Intestinal health

Symptoms related to intestinal disorders affect more than 70% of the population and are the source for both physical and social discomfort (diarrhoea, constipation, irregular intestine, irritable colon, bloated stomach and pain, meteorism, aerophagy, poor digestive absorption and indigestion, candida and cystitis).

If we think that, on average, during a person’s lifetime…


Rebalance of essential fatty acids

Often wrongly, fats are generally considered the worst of all evils, but in fact apart from forming an energy reserve for our organism they also play important hormonal and metabolic roles.

Following a ‘low fat’ diet is a potentially harmful simplification for our body’s needs, and also removes a lot of taste from our food: in fact some fats are ‘essential’ because…


Mineral rebalance and build-up of heavy metals

Minerals are fundamental regulators of all the functions and activities our organism performs every day, and the correct intake is threatened by an unbalanced diet, abuse of drugs, stress, smoking and pollution…



Hectic life and irregular eating are testing your resistance?

If you are unable to slow down at least listen to your body, and purify it of the toxins with a specific detoxifying nutrition plan.

This is also an excellent starting point for a slimming diet, to undertake a correct eating style or simply to regain drive after a very difficult and taxing time…

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