Rebalance of essential fatty acids


Often wrongly, fats are generally considered the worst of all evils, but in fact apart from forming an energy reserve for our organism they also play important hormonal and metabolic roles.

Following a ‘low fat’ diet is a potentially harmful simplification for our body’s needs, and also removes a lot of taste from our food: in fact some fats are ‘essential’ because our organism is unable to produce them itself and has to get them from our food.

It is also important to correct the imbalances caused by diets in the most industrialised Western societies which, besides a large increase in the intake of animal fats, also causes considerable imbalance between the ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fats.

Telenutrizione will be your guide and reference so you put the right foods in your shopping trolley that will provide your organism with the right quantity and quality of fats you need.

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