We do not need diets, but new eating habits

In ancient Greek medicine, the concept of ‘diet’ was understood in a wider sense than today: it indicated all the rules of life aimed at maintaining a state of good health, and included, in addition to nutrition, physical activity and rest.
Telenutrizione wishes to re-adopt this meaning, and to propose ‘diet’ not as a ‘precisely defined nutritional prescription, in qualitative and above all quantitative terms and limited in time’, but as a key to favour a state of physical, mental and social good health and not the mere absence of disease’.
If eating is not only the expression of the need to nourish oneself, but also the result of psychological, social and cultural factors which together combine to form eating habits, thanks to Telenutrizione you can follow an educational path focusing your attention not on weight loss but on the acquisition of suitable eating habits, on the elimination of unsatisfactory behaviour, and on an efficient use of the alimentary resources.


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