Telenutrizione is not an online diet

Telemedicine is a new way to provide health services, using state of the art technology for situations where the health professional and the patient (or two health professionals) are not in the same place.

Telenutrizione is a telematic platform developed by NatrixICT, a division of Natrix Srl, for providing remote nutritional services using state of the art technology: it does not substitute traditional health assistance between a patient and their doctor, but is a supplement to boost its effectiveness, efficiency and fitness.


In particular with Telenutrizione you will have…


With Telenutrizione you interact with your nutritionist online, an action that can be in real time or deferred no matter where you are.



When you need information or a clarification in real time you can use the internal chat to talk directly with your nutritionist when you are both online.

Message board

Can’t you find your specialist online? Fill in the online form and the platform forwards your messages.


Digital case history

In Telenutrizione you have a digital case history, which includes your personal, clinical and anthropometric data so that your specialist has a complete picture of you.

Active diet

Depending on the food protocol your nutritionist develops for you, in the active diet you can choose from the various alternatives for each meal and mix and match them as you prefer.


Food diary and calorie balance

Use the food diary to record everything you eat during the day, and it automatically calculates your daily calorie balance and analyses the macronutrients.

Activity diary

With a hectic living pace, we often do a lot of things we don’t remember, and this useful tool will help you to be fully aware of what you have done during the day and help the nutritionist, who will be able to develop a nutrition plan considering your own personal lifestyle.


Measurement diary

With this diary you can track all your figure improvements, which can be precisely recorded using the Movita devices, which are especially designed for use with Telenutrizione.

Symptom diary

The symptom diary is a recognised and accepted diagnostic instrument by the scientific community to diagnose certain pathologies, and is also used as an indicator in the case of regression.


Mood diary

Mood and diet are strictly related: we eat because we feel nervous, sad, disappointed or because we are used to celebrate with food when something good happens. The mood diary helps you trace this relationship and helps your nutritionist to develop a pinpointed plan.

Progress report

Telenutrizione offers you a complete reporting system, using user friendly graphs, so that both you and your specialist can monitor your progress in real time.


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