MOVITA devices to get the best from Telenutrizione

Telenutrizione enables you to monitor your food plan progress in real time, with calculation algorithms able to develop reports on your health based on the data you input to the platform.

Movita devices have been specially designed to use with Telenutrizione, and will improve your experience and make the control of your nutrition protocol more efficient because:

  • They read your data and send them to the platform, automatically synchronising with your smartphone and tablet using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • You can take them everywhere with you for round the clock monitoring.
  • They measure values that are difficult with standard domestic instruments, such as the quality of your sleep, your lean and fatty mass percentage, the impact of your exercise on the daily calorie balance.

Movita BAND


Activity tracker to record:

– Calories burnt

– Target percentage

– Sleep quality

Movita WATCH

Smart watch that:

– Measures activity time

– Measures heart rate

– Phone calls or texts




Impedance meter scale that measures:

– Lean and fatty mass

– Percentage of liquids


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