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We do not need diets, but new eating habits

Eating is not just to satisfy our need for nourishment, but is also the outcome of numerous psychological, social and cultural factors that create our habits.
Thanks to Telenutrizione you can undertake an educational journey to focus on not just losing weight, but learning correct eating habits, eliminating incorrect behaviour and using food resources efficiently.


Telenutrizione is not an online diet

Medical case history

You will only begin after having a full check-up to evaluate your health

Agreed goals

Together with the nutritionist you will define your food protocol goals

Live chat and televisit

A specialist will always be available no matter where you are

Shared reports

The reports on your progress will be shared and discussed with your specialist

Your nutritionist always beside you

Our lives nowadays mean spending a lot of time outside the home, with very little time to dedicate to ourselves.
So how can you fill in your food diary, or clear up any doubts you have about your nutritional path?
Download the free Telenutrizione app and carry your nutritionist around with you!


Get the best from Telenutrizione with the Movita device


Movita BAND

Wear it to record calories burnt, exercise level and sleep quality.


Movita WATCH

Wear it to measure all your vital parameters, including body temperature and heartbeat.



Use it to monitor your weight, lean mass and fatty mass.

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